Upscaling Your Outdoor Decking

Our outdoor decks are probably the centerpiece of home.  Typically outside by the sliding glass door and leading to a nice relaxing pool our decks are our connections to the outdoors.  Over time however, our decks will become worn from use and weathered by the elements.  When this happens it will either be time to replace or repair it.  Here are some ideas for deck restoration lithonia ga.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is possibly the easiest way to bring a new look to an old deck.  With pressure washing we are removing dirt, grime and years of usage out of the wood and stone used.  When completed the deck will return to its original look and feel.

Adding a drink bar

When sitting outside on the deck many of us will have some type of drink in our hands.  Typically we would put these on tables scattered around the deck.  However, when going over to the railing to look over the side we really don’t have a place to sit our drink.  Placing it on the railing is okay but this could easily cause the drink to fall.  Adding a drink bar to the railing would solve this problem.  A drink railing is a small shelf that has a lip. This lip will help keep the drink stable and free from falling.

Update the railings

The railings of a deck are usually long boards that have no character or dimension to them.  Removing these and putting in something with a little more style and design may be a nice touch.  Adding lattice work to the railings will add a little more security and visual appeal as well.


deck restoration lithonia ga

There are many lighting options available now.  Many of them are solar powered so the need for electricity and batteries are not needed.  Thee lights can be placed in random places on the railings and in the floor.  Being creative with lighting can give a brand new life and use case for your decks.